Cream Remover

Our Cream remover is Designed for easy application, this gentle lash glue remover effectively removes eyelash extensions. Consisting of a thick creamy paste, the remover offers minimal irritation during the removal process. The Gentle Remover is for Professional Use Only and can be used to remove any type of lash glue.



Water, Polypropylene Carbonate, Poly Ethylene Glycol, Ethoxyethanol, Methoxyethanol, Vinylpolymer Salt

Shelf time: 10 months


Stored in cool dark, dry place, avoid direct sunlight.

Keep away from children.


Disclaimer: All products are intended strictly for use by licensed professionals only. Do not use on yourself. We are not responsible for the misuse of our products. You are solely responsible for the product once you purchase it from us. Performance and results of eyelash extensions may vary from person to person.

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